Friday, November 27, 2009

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Event: Feminism: Now Art Exhibition

When: Opening 5:30 Monday, November 30 2009

Where: The Anna Leonowens Gallery 2 NSCAD 1891 Granville Street

The NSCAD Feminist collective has assembled a juried show of contemporary feminist art from across Canada. All the work explores the common theme of Feminism: Now.

Artists approached the theme with a wide variety of mediums including video work, sculpture, photography, installation and more. The work ranges from personal, singular experiences to collaborative and humorous.

Organizer Gillian Dykeman explains: “This work tells us a lot about feminism in art right now: It asserts the importance and vibrancy of the feminist movement, diversity of interpretation, and in that, its strength”.

Artists participating in the show are Andrea Crabbe, Emily Davidson, Claire Dumoulin, Myriam Jacob-Allard, Carey Jernigan, Thea Jones, Natasha Krzyzewski, Florence S. Larose, Carol Little, Jennie Philpott, Jennifer Macklem, Rebecca Roher, Genevieve Thauvette, Christine Saveland, Jasmine Valentina, and women from the Transitions House Association of Nova Scotia through their “putting a face on abuse” art therapy program.

The show is concurrent with the twentieth anniversary of the École Polytechnique Massacre December 6, 1989 where 14 women were killed at that school in Montreal. The killer targeted women and said he was “fighting feminism”. He also killed himself.

Feminism: Now seeks to look forward, to announce relevance and progress, and to give a voice to the diverse experiences of feminists today. Artist and contributor Emily Davidson puts it most eloquently

“While it is important to commemorate these dates [Dec. 6th], it is also important for feminists to examine and evaluate what currently needs to be done. This is why I think it is necessary to investigate how we are working on feminism right now”.

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Gillian Dykeman

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